The Tumaini Concept

The orphanage is based on the biblical model of a family. In lieu of having one or two house mothers or having an inadequate number of house parents for the children, we have a married man and wife as house parents in each of our six cottages. Each family has six girls and six boys including any biological children the house parents have. Each cottage has three bedrooms and three bathrooms; there is one each for the boys, girls, and house parents. All the fathers are encouraged to hold jobs outside the orphanage as well as do their share of work at the orphanage.

There are forty-two tribes in Kenya and unlike most other orphanages we did not limit the population of our children to one or two tribes. Because of past tribal fighting in Kenya we believed that by raising children from a variety of tribes in the same home that they would all realize that other tribes were not much different than themselves. Hopefully in their lives they would learn to be at peace with members of the other tribes.

We also took children who were out of diapers but who were no older than age six. By taking younger children we felt we could raise them from an early age in an environment which would foster their growth physically, spiritually and intellectually and before they had developed a lifestyle so common to abandoned children who are left to their own devices to survive on the streets.