Maggy & Claire's Story


In early 2011 sisters Maggy and Claire were living with their mother and father in a small home near Tumaini. There were apparently severe problems with the marriage since one day their father killed their mother by striking her in the head with a blunt object, probably a rock. He then dismembered the body with a machete and disposed of the body parts in a latrine behind the family house.

After a few days the mother's body began to decompose and a neighbor responding to the stench, called the police to investigate. When the girls' father saw the police coming he fled to another part of Kenya leaving the girls, then ages seven and four, alone. A week later he was found dead, apparently of suicide.

In response to a request from the area chief, the girls were taken to our Jua Kali orphanage for several months until phase two of the Tumaini orphanage could be completed. In November 2011 both girls were brought to Tumaini where they both have been placed in stable loving Christian families.

Both girls are doing very well in school and enjoying their new brothers and sisters .What was a very inauspicious start to their lives has been used by God to bring them both to a saving faith in Jesus and a much better life now.