Faith & Eliezer's Story


Faith and her brother Eliezer came to Tumaini in late 2011. Their father had died of paralysis due to an injury and their mother, doing the only thing she could do to provide for her children, took a job as a shepherdess. Since most cattle in Kenya graze on open range, cattle owners hire shepherds and shepherdesses to stay in the fields and watch their cattle. While watching her employer's cattle one day their mother, who was pregnant, tripped on a rock in the pasture, broke her spinal cord and died in the field. An aunt took both children into her home but was unable to provide even the most basic necessities for them.

Since coming to Tumaini in late 2011 Faith and Eliezer have both been able to do things not possible in their former lives. Both are attending the Tumaini school where Eliezer will start grade three in January 2015 at the same time his younger sister, Faith will go into the fourth grade. Both love to play in a variety of sports at Tumaini as well as participate in Sunday worship services at their church in Eldoret.