Daniel's Story


Daniel is Moses's younger brother by two years. He shared the same dysfunctional parents as Moses but stayed with his mother. One day during early summer of 2012 Daniel’s mother was walking on a busy highway in western Kenya with Daniel on her back. She was struck by a petroleum tank truck and killed immediately. The force of the truck caused Daniel to be thrown off his mother's back and into a ditch along the side of the road. Miraculously, Daniel was not hurt except for a few scratches. Initially he was brought to another of our orphanages which is home to children older than Daniel. After completing a new cottage at Tumaini in early 2013 we brought Daniel to his new home with children his own age and reunited him with his older brother, Moses.

Daniel, like all our children, attend the Tumaini school and is growing and thriving and enjoying his life in a loving family which was made possible by our Lord's intervention in his life.