Children's Stories

Each child who now calls Tumaini home has had their own share of loss before coming to Tumaini. Some cases are more dramatic than others but each case history has its own share of sadness and loss. The backgrounds of the Tumaini children are as varied as the children themselves.

Many of the children have lost one or both parents to a variety of diseases from malaria to typhoid fever; some have been killed in road accidents; some have been murdered; nine of our children have lost both of their parents to AIDS, although none of our children have tested positive for HIV.

All the children at the Tumaini Orphanage now live in small Christ-centered family units with new mothers and fathers. The children all eat three hot meals each day. They sleep in their own clean beds and have daily showers.  The children all attend the award-winning  Tumaini School located on the campus with their homes and have a variety of sports and other activities available to them at their new home.

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